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Hitting the books: The boxing gym saving Detroit’s youth

DETROIT — The buildings sit, one after another, on E Vernor Highway — dilapidated houses, abandoned businesses, boarded-up structures, vacant lots populated by more weeds than cars driving down the multilane street. It’s a row of blight on the east side of Detroit, a city searching for recovery for decades.

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Jessica Hauser

Jessica Hauser- 40 Under 40

In 2010, Jessica Hauser was busy with her studies, on a path toward a doctorate degree in political science at the University of Michigan. But a personal training appointment led her to the Downtown Boxing Gym in Detroit. After learning about the gym’s financially struggling youth development program that was

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FCC’s Carr wants to clear the road for connectivity

There was nothing particularly hard-hitting on a day when an FCC commissioner stepped into a boxing ring with a 3-year-old, but Brendan Carr did confirm his agency’s keen interest in autonomous vehicles and suggest that his agency will attempt to clear the road for them. He also gave a rough

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Wilson Foundation donates $500,000 to Downtown Boxing Gym

The Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation is donating $500,000 to the Downtown Boxing Gym to support its “books before boxing” program for students and build an apprenticeship program. The two-year grant is the largest the Detroit nonprofit has received to date, and it will be put toward its goal of

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