You’re Invited to ‘The Sweet Science’ Exhibit at the Downtown Boxing Gym

The multimedia project of WDET-FM begins Wednesday, September 20. It’s free and open to the public.

Did you know boxing is referred to as “the sweet science?” One expert says that’s because, “you have to find the perfect balance… between hitting and not getting hit. The special requirement of this simultaneous contrast is what makes boxing so amazing.”

At the Downtown Boxing Gym, our students study the sweet science — and reading, math, history, science, computer coding — and so much more. Our program is a safe haven where young people from across city of Detroit are nourished in mind, body and soul. It’s a place where kids who want to better themselves can get a square meal, hit the books, then hit the ring. Our motto is books before boxing. We have a 100% high school graduation rate over the last 10 years, and we’re proud.

You can see the gym through a new lens when WDET-FM brings “The Sweet Science,” a multimedia exhibition, to the Downtown Boxing Gym (6445 E. Vernor Highway) on Wednesday, Sept. 20 from 5:30 p.m to 8 p.m. The exhibit is part of Framed By WDET, a series of audio-visual installations that combine photography and storytelling from the public radio station journalists.

“The Sweet Science” will showcase the gym through the stories of four of our amazing students: Quintin, Rakeem, Ferris and Jordan. The exhibit will pair 16 photographs (you’re getting a sneak-preview of some of them here on this page) from Detroit photographer Cyndi Elledge and audio storytelling from WDET journalist Laura Weber-Davis. You’ll be able to listen to the stories on cordless headphones, or from your mobile device.

Here’s part of the description of the exhibit:

The Sweet Science is an audio-visual storytelling exhibition of youth from the Downtown Boxing Gym in Detroit (DBG). The youth of the boxing gym gather every afternoon to study with tutors and train with coaches. They find strength in the ring and the classroom and learn to navigate the limitlessness of life’s possibilities.

Registration is free on WDET’s website or on Eventbrite.

You are cordially invited to attend, view the exhibition, tour our facility, and meet some of boxing gym staff.