About this series: The Downtown Boxing Gym is incredibly proud of our 100% high school graduation rate – a track record of success that has continued every year since 2007 thanks to the hard work and dedication of our students, staff and volunteers. As graduation approaches, we’re celebrating our Class of 2018 seniors and their bright futures.

Takiyah I. first came to the Downtown Boxing Gym about three years ago, following the lead of her younger sisters, twins Makyla and Makayla.

“The twins were so excited about it so she started coming as well,” says her mother, Teasha Andrews, a familiar at the boxing gym front desk. Teasha greets visitors and signs people in daily.

Now Takiyah is finishing her final three credits before graduating from Martin Luther King, Jr. High School in Detroit. Andrews says her daughter came to the gym to focus more on academics than boxing. She took advantage of the computer lab, tutoring, mentoring, and strength and conditioning sessions. She even took a couple turns in the ring.

“She liked it. She was like, ooh, I didn’t think it would make me so tired,” Andrews says about those early bouts.

Takiyah is a hard worker, she works two part-time jobs in addition to school.

“She loves volleyball,” Andrews says. “She does hair, she does praise dance in the church, her grades are pretty good. She has a job. She’s a good kid.”

Takiyah is considering various options for the future. She has expressed interest in nursing, cosmetology and even serving our country in the US Navy. She’s already been accepted to Wayne County Community College.

Whatever Taikyah decides to do, she has plenty of fans in her corner rooting for her at the Downtown Boxing Gym. Takiyah, we’re so proud of you and all of our graduates! Can’t wait to see you walk across the stage!