When he was just 12 years old, DBG senior DaSean Moore remembers putting together a ceiling fan all by himself. That sparked a passion for fixing things and learning how things work that continues to this day. Click here to watch a video about DaSean’s experience at DBG.

As he prepares to graduate from Harper Woods High School in June, DaSean plans to leverage his natural curiosity and problem-solving skills to pursue a degree in engineering or business at Ohio State University, Wayne State University or Henry Ford College. After college, he would like to work for an energy company like DTE Energy, specifically in industrial maintenance.

“Coach Khali always taught me to just go for it. He taught me what it means to have a good work ethic,”  Moore explained, reflecting on  his time at the Downtown Boxing Gym. 

DaSean first came to DBG in sixth grade after being introduced to the program by a family member.  He has attended for the last six years, including during COVID-19, a stressful time for students which included years of online learning. At the time, DBG expanded programming from 7am-7pm daily so students could participate in online classes at DBG with the support of our coaches, staff, and their peers.

“During the pandemic, one of my coaches texted me everyday to make sure I was completing my schoolwork and doing it well. Freshman year was one of the hardest years for me, but DBG made sure I had tutors that wanted me to succeed,” he says.

DaShawn’s time at DBG has been marked by tremendous growth. He says his coaches and fellow DBG students helped him become who he is today – a young man with more self confidence and sharpened communications and social skills that he will carry with him into his college career and beyond.

Because of the deep, trusting relationships he built with the DBG team, DaShawn plans to stay connected by volunteering with younger students and participating in city-wide clean ups. 

“DBG really made a difference in my life,” he says. “I just want to thank all of the coaches and staff for their support.”

Congratulations, DaSean, and the entire Class of 2023 for keeping our 100% high school graduation rate going for 16 straight years. We are so proud, and we look forward to continuing to provide support as you put in the hard work that’s needed to pursue your dreams.


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