Michael Perry’s high school career began during the COVID-19 pandemic. Much like many other students, he needed some external accountability to stay focused and disciplined with school. Click here to hear what Michael says about his time at DBG.

With the help of DBG, Michael was offered new opportunities like attending and graduating from De La Salle Collegiate High School. The all-boys Catholic high school in Warren is a college preparatory school where each student is encouraged to develop faith, character, intellect, and morality. 

“De La Salle is a private school, so it’s a totally different environment from public schools,” Michael explained. “It was an opportunity to get a better education. The student population is also predominantly white. That gave me a new experience and the chance to meet and interact with different people I might not have met before.”

“Khali and Asiya always taught me to carry myself with a good self image. I always aim to have high standards, with respect for myself and others around me,” he says. “I keep that mentality with me. I really appreciated the extra support.”

Michael first came to DBG at the young age of nine. Having grown up in the gym, he was able to watch DBG grow into the leading out-of-school-time program it is today. His fondest memories at DBG center around the people and his own growth  into a young man with discipline who carries himself with confidence.

Starting in the fall, Michael  will attend college to pursue a degree in business and marketing. His future goals include a career in real estate, a passion he discovered while helping his mother with her job. 

“My mom introduced me to her job and it became something I was really interested in, that and HGTV house flips,” he says.

Congratulations, Michael and the DBG Class of 2023. Your DBG family is so proud of you and all of our graduates for maintaining our 100% graduation rate for almost 16 years. We’re excited to provide continued support as you pursue your dreams.


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