Class of 2024: Meet Our Grads Pursuing Business, Trades, and Political Science

There are so many career opportunities to choose from and each DBG student finds their own unique path. We are here to guide them by providing transformative mentorship, individualized academic plans, college and career readiness, enrichment programming, a measured impact, and so much more. As a result of our program, DBG students score higher than their peers nationally in significant markers for future success including self-efficacy, or the belief they can succeed; adaptability, or the ability to apply and adjust skills in a difficult setting; and a sense of agency, the belief they can make positive changes in their community. 

Our graduates are pursing business and entrepreneurship, trades, political science and more. According to the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity, skilled trades positions will account for about 47,000 annual job openings in our state alone through 2028. Keep scrolling to read more about their accomplishments and exciting future plans.

Mawrese Morris 

Mawrese Morris is an impressive example of excellence and ambition. He graduated from Southeastern High School with a stellar 4.08 GPA, was selected as salutatorian, and got to deliver an address at graduation.

“As I stand here, I’m reminded of a lesson we’ve all learned – to never give up and to cherish every moment,” he told his graduating class and the crowd. “We’ve all had our ups and downs but one thing’s for sure, we never gave up. And that’s something to be proud of. So, let’s take a moment to appreciate our journey and look forward to the exciting future that awaits us.” [Watch his full speech below.]

Propelled by a relentless pursuit of academic and personal greatness, Mawrese has plans to explore a variety of professional fields including psychology or business/finance.  

“Both of these fields focus a lot on engaging with people, which is a passion of mine.” Mawrese explained. “I like to connect with people and build good trusting relationships with others.” 

DBG sparked a profound transformation in Mawrese, helping to shape him into the person he is today. He discovered a passion for mentoring and helping younger students succeed though DBG’s junior coaches program. Mawrese says he cultivated empathy and fostered a deeper understanding and compassion for those around him while shedding judgmental tendencies. He also learned the value of applying himself, honed his time and project management skills, and embraced the power of teamwork. He seized the opportunity to gain real-world experience through a student internship at Rocket Mortgage. 

Mawrese’s academic achievements garnered recognition beyond Southeastern High School. He was inducted into the National Tech Honors Society, received the prestigious Alumni Distinguished Scholarship from Michigan State University, was recognized by the Detroit Public Schools Community District as one of the top 10% of graduating seniors in the class of 2024, and was nominated as Student of the Year. He also received the Detroit College Access Network Award for Academic Excellence.

Mawrese will be attending Michigan State University and likely participating in the honors college after receiving a full scholarship.

Rylee Humphrey 

Rylee Humphrey aims to be an advocate for those struggling to find their voice. A graduate of University Prep Art & Design High School, Rylee will continue her academic pursuits at Grand Valley State University, where she plans to study pre law with minors in psychology and women gender sexuality studies. She says her ultimate goal is to become a domestic violence advocate and create positive change in her community.  

Rylee began attending DBG during her sophomore year of high school, just after the COVID-19 pandemic forced students to attend school virtually. At that time, she had no concrete future plans or college aspirations. The challenges of virtual learning resulted in severe setbacks, forcing her to take a second look at where she was heading.

DBG became a cornerstone in Rylee’s transformation, offering crucial support in credit recovery and college admissions. Her coaches helped instill the confidence to pursue her goals without self-doubt and showed her how she could take charge of her educational journey.

“The coaches at DBG helped me so much,” she says. “They were real and honest, but always had the best intentions and gave me truth with love.” 

Rylee’s involvement in DBG nurtured her passions, including debating which helped her realize she wanted to pursue law. She also completed a student internship with the fund development team and took part in DBG’s dance program. Currently, Rylee is engaged in the GVSU Trio Program (TR) which provides a variety of supportive programs such as study groups, mentors and tutors for first-generation college students attending GVSU.

Armon Threatt 

Armon Threatt is a young visionary whose journey into the world of carpentry and welding embodies the fusion of creativity, craftsmanship, and ambition. Motivated by his affinity for working with his hands and building things, Armon sees himself thriving in this field and aspires to eventually give back to programs like DBG. Recognizing the positive impact these programs have had on his life, he wants to invest in the future of other young people like himself.   

Spending time at DBG became a key factor in Armon’s personal and professional development, helping him find a newfound sense of responsibility and purpose. Among his favorite programs at DBG were junior coaches and Dress for Success, where he learned the importance of taking life seriously and always striving to put his best foot forward. DBG also provided him with guidance in College and Career Readiness.

“They helped me be more intentional with my plans for my future, instead of just winging it all the time,” he says.

Artis is graduating from Paul K. Cousino High School and plans to attend trade school where he envisions a future career working for major automotive companies like GM, Chrysler, or Ford. He received a $1,000 Downtown Boxing Gym Alumni Scholarship at our recent graduation ceremony.

“I met Armon last year, and immediately I was able to see beyond his stature, that he was a leader,” said Dennis Williams-Mitchell, DBG’s College and Career Readiness Coordinator. “I had the opportunity to know him more during my summer elective “Dress For Success.” I learned that he is a very bright young man with a promising future. Keep soaring young sir!”

Andre Dawson 

At the core of Andre Dawson’s aspirations lies a dream to become an electrician—a profession he views not just as a job, but as a gateway to a future brimming with possibilities and security. His time at DBG, initiated by his mother’s desire to provide him with a constructive and enriching outlet, paved the way for him to discover his passion for hands-on projects and the intricate workings of electrical systems.  

Throughout his experience at DBG, Andre learned the importance of speaking up for himself and embracing his own voice. His confidence quickly grew, which helped him become more assertive and open in expressing his thoughts and opinions. Most notably, DBG played a crucial role in guiding Andre towards his future academic and career endeavors. From college visits to assistance with financial aid, DBG helped Andre navigate the path towards higher education. 

Among his favorite programs at DBG were cooking classes and the DBG haunted house, which sparked his creativity and imagination. With the guidance of coaches like Khali and Katie, Andre found support and mentorship that encouraged him to pursue his ambitions despite his prior hesitation. He is currently preparing to attend Jackson College in the fall. 

“Andre’s considerate demeanor and strong work ethic will serve him well in the next chapter of his life,” said Molly Mitchell, DBG’s associate director of culinary arts. “He is always a calm presence in the kitchen and we all appreciate what he contributes to the team. We are proud to be his coworker and look forward to all the good things the future holds for him.”

Congratulations to Andre, Armon, Rylee, Mawrese, their fellow DBG graduate Allen DuPree who is pursing entrepreneurship, and the entire Class of 2024. DBG will be with you every step of the way in the next chapter of your journey. We are so proud!