Computer Coding ‘Boot Camp’ at the Downtown Boxing Gym

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, our middle and high school students learn the high-tech languages of computer coding, thanks to support from Grand Circus and the Detroit Auto Dealers Association.

Our students are learning to ‘crack the code’ for success this summer with computer coding classes — mastering the basics of HTML 5, Java Script, CSS positioning and web design. Instructors Chrissy Lee and Chris Davis of Grand Circus are helping to lead our middle school and high school students on a journey into the fascinating world of computer programming, an important skill for anyone seeking high tech jobs of the future.

“Java Script is the coolest to learn because we get to make things move and create animations,” says Khoury Walter, 13.

Most of our students have no background in coding but they’ve been picking up the new skills quickly, and enjoying it too.

“For me personally it’s important for our students to gain these experiences because there are not a lot of African Americans or minorities in the coding field,” our academic coordinator Kristin Lusk explained.  “It’s a way to lead students to a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) career. Coding boot camp also touches on other subjects they have learned in school.”

Students gather in our computer lab for the classes three times a week. This intro to coding is expanding their horizons and opening their eyes to exciting new career possibilities.

“My favorite part is being able to create something and learn how things we use everyday work,” says Khoury Walter, 13. “I would recommend coding to anyone of any age. It’s something new and interesting, but you have to pay attention to create something great.”

The classes are made possible thanks to the support and generosity of the Detroit Auto Dealers Association which is providing a grant to cover two cycles of coding extending into the fall. The Downtown Boxing Gym is grateful for the opportunity. We’re excited to see where the classes lead our students into their winning futures.