Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program In Detroit A Safe Haven For Kids

CBS Detroit
May 3, 2016

97.1 The Ticket host Mike Valenti says lives are at risk for Detroit kids whose teachers are on their second consecutive sick out day.

That’s where charities like the Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program in Detroit come in.

“The boxing is keeping them off the streets,” Valenti said. The program challenges kids, saying before they put on gloves, they have to hit the books. It picks up kids and drops them off so they don’t have to worry about rides from parents, many of whom don’t have reliable transportation.

“It works, these kids in Detroit are not throwaways, they’re not the crumbs you sweep under the rug,” Valenti said.

There’s a waiting list of 500 or 600 kids trying to get into the program, Valenti said.

“The work we do changes the lives of the kids by offering a safe, cool and productive place to go after school and during the summer,” the program’s website says. “The work we do is about helping kids navigate the challenges they face in Detroit’s toughest neighborhoods. Their successes are our successes and each success creates a ripple effect that crosses boundaries, creating a true citizen of the world.”

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Started in 2007, the gym on Detroit’s east side serves as a “safe haven” for kids aged 7 – 18. “Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program helps them learn how to study through tutoring, teaches them discipline through boxing, and instills pride in their community through voluntary service,” the website says.