More Books for your Bucks

Studies show that reading during the summer months helps students retain what they’ve learned and prevents ‘summer slide.’ Now through July 1, donate $33 to our book drive and a Downtown Boxing Gym student will receive $50 worth of brand new books.

‘Brain Bags’ – just the sound of them makes you feel smarter. Usborne Books and More, a Tulsa, Oklahoma based company that sells children’s books, wants to put together dozens of brain bags for our students at the Downtown Boxing Gym, filled with brand new fiction, non-fiction and activity books to keep them reading all summer. Studies show that access to books during the summer prevents students of all ages from slipping behind.

“Regardless of economic background, children who do not keep reading over the summer can lose a grade level or more in their schooling ability,” says Laura Bratby, Usborne’s educational consultant. “Children who do read during the summer months improve and are more prepared to move ahead into the new school year.”

Bratby actually lives in Michigan, but she first learned about the boxing gym by way of the British TV show Unreported World. The show recently focused on the Downtown Boxing Gym’s literacy programs that are helping our Detroit students get to the appropriate grade level in reading. Laura knew right away she wanted to get involved.

“My in-laws live in the UK and they saw the show,” Bratby explains. “I looked up [the Downtown Boxing Gym] and was blown away by the amazing work they do.”

Laura helped set up the book drive. Now though July 1, anyone can donate on our homepage support the effort. Thanks to a matching gift from Usborne, a $33 donation will get a student $50 worth of brand new books to take home and keep. Click HERE to donate now.

Illiteracy is a huge problem in our country. 93 million American adults have basic or below-basic literacy. Statistics show this contributes to poverty and crime. Through a generous grant from the women’s group Impact100, the Downtown Boxing Gym currently has an intensive literacy intervention program underway for 60 children. Brain bags and brand new books will go a long way toward helping our students practice and retain the wonderful lessons they’re learning all summer long. Our free, after school academic and athletic program runs throughout the entire school year and summer.

“A book is an amazing gift to give to a child, especially those in need,” Bratby says. “You never know, the book you give them could be the one to change the world.”

Click HERE to donate to the book drive today! Thank you!


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