Meet Mike, Our New Academic Coordinator

There’s a new face at the Downtown Boxing Gym. Academic Coordinator, Mike Mroz, joined us recently and he is passionate about working with students. Help us welcome him to our boxing gym family!

It’s easy to get to know Mike Mroz, the Downtown Boxing Gym’s new academic coordinator. First of all, he’s the guy at the door who is quick to greet students and direct them where to go.

“I love working one-on-one and getting to know every student who comes through the door. My first priority was greeting everyone at the door and asking them their name,’’ Mroz says. “From there, I have gotten to know each student on a more a personal level. They all know that homework and school comes first, but I am always game to have fun when work has been accomplished.’’

Students sign in and check in with Mroz every day. He’s a natural fit and has quickly integrated himself into our program. Mike’s goals are pretty straight forward. He wants to help improve the students’ grades and attendance, but that’s not all.

“I also want to help bring more awareness to the gym so we can increase our donor base and bring more students in off of our waiting list to expand this awesome place,’’ he says.

Mike is energized by the positive vibes and outgoing personalities within the gym — among both our students and staff.

“I love that the gym is a great place for children to come and work out and get quality one-on-one academic attention and intervention that they need to succeed,’’ he says.

Our “books before boxing” rule, 100-percent high school graduation rate, and ten-year track record of success are among the many reasons he was drawn to our program.

“That is huge, especially in Detroit. Having an opportunity to see the same students every day and make an impact with them regarding school and life has been awesome too. What Coach Kahli [Sweeney] has done with this place is truly amazing,’’ Mroz says.

This is not Mike’s first experience working with children. Mroz, 27, came to the Downtown Boxing Gym from the Michigan Science Center where he was the traveling science educator. He grew up in Rochester Hills and graduated from Wayne State University with a degree in elementary education. Before college he lived and worked at Disney World, the happiest place on Earth.

Mroz is a standout in another way, too. He is inked with 39 tattoos.

“The majority of them are music related, family, interests, and art that my friends have created. One of my favorite ones is the song lyric ‘Heart on My Sleeve’ located on my forearm that represents that all of my tattoos are things in my life that I hold dear and are showcased on me for others to see,’’ he says.

Maybe one day he’ll add a tattoo to remind him of the Downtown Boxing Gym. When you see Mike, be sure to say “hello.”

“I am very excited for this opportunity and am thoroughly enjoying the time I am spending with the kids,’’ he says. “The relationships I have built so far are truly rewarding.”