New IPrevail Video Filmed At Downtown Boxing Gym

Our gritty, urban boxing gym set the stage for a hard driving rock song about resilience and endurance through tough times. It was exciting to watch the project unfold.

Thick fog, dramatic lighting, drums and heavy metal transformed the Downtown Boxing Gym into a video set during filming of the music video for “Lifelines,” the title track of the record released last October by Detroit band I PREVAIL. The gym was rocking during the epic production in our facility, a former bookbinding factory that is now home to our free, after-school academic and athletic program for Detroit students ages 7-18.

“It was a thrill to participate in this project,” said Khali Sweeney, Founder and CEO of the Downtown Boxing Gym. “Many of our students have musical aspirations of their own. It was amazing to see this video come to life right in front of our eyes.”

Here’s how the band describes the song and the project:

In the words of singer Brian Burkheiser, “Lifelines” is no doubt our proudest video to date. We set out to create something that embodied what “Lifelines” as a song and as an album really meant to us. It centers around the harsh reality that life doesn’t care about what you have planned. The biggest moments, whether ones of amazing opportunity or painful loss, are coming no matter what. How you choose to respond makes you who you are. That’s what we wanted to express.

This video became even more special to us when we had the chance to turn our creative process into a way to bring awareness to an amazing cause. The video was filmed at a magical oasis of hope called the Downtown Boxing Gym in Detroit, with great inspiration and support from founder and CEO Coach Khali Sweeney. Coach Khali and his team are straight up HEROES, changing the lives of young people in Detroit. They bring students in from the public school system and provide a safe environment with a focus on education first, using the self discipline of reading books together with the camaraderie of a sport like boxing. They build bodies and minds with an eye to the making of future leaders. There is no such thing as a “bad kid” to this organization. To see the positive impact this is having first hand was truly inspiring and something we couldn’t be happier to support. They are truly making positive lifelines and we are honored to have worked with them in their home base.

I PREVAIL is Brian Burkheiser (clean vocals), Eric Vanlerberghe (harsh vocals), Steve Menoian (lead guitar), and Dylan Bowman (rhythm guitar).  From all of  us at the Downtown Boxing Gym, thank you for sharing your spotlight with us!