Dynamic Duo Visits Downtown Boxing Gym

The Fight 2 Fight program, created by the husband and wife team of singer/songwriter Brynn Marie and boxer Josh ‘The Handsome Hitman’ Himes, fuses music and boxing together. The duo is committed to using music and sports collectively to empower “everyday fighters.”

Fight 2 Fight visits the Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program, February 2017

An entrance or “walk-out” song gives a boxer the motivation they need before entering the ring. Music can also inspire people for a fight outside the ring. Brynn and Josh recently visited the Downtown Boxing Gym to share their innovative program with our students.

“Josh and I were so excited to empower the kids at the Downtown Boxing Gym,” Brynn said. “Fight 2 Fight fuels the importance of education, fighting for dreams and sharing our love of music.”

Everyone’s a Fighter

The motto of Fight 2 Fight is that everyone is a fighter, no matter what obstacle they may face. Brynn and Josh believe that, every day, we stand face to face with a fight. Fight 2 Fight encourages everyone to come together and support each other’s daily battles.

When they first met, Brynn admits she knew nothing about boxing. But it didn’t take long to realize that she and Josh had a lot in common. They each had to work their way up in their respective industries. Josh had 43 amateur fights before turning professional.

They started out in Nashville working with various charities and have since continued in places around the country and even internationally. The program features Brynn performing uplifting music and a brief boxing lesson by Josh.

Detroit Talent Shines

After talking with our students and getting to know more about them, Brynn performed her song “Phoenix,” the fight anthem song for Fight 2 Fight. Some of the talented students from our gym jumped in on the piano and drums to accompany Brynn during her performance.

Josh then talked about his boxing career and the obstacles he’s had to overcome. The experience left quite an impression.

“I love how the Downtown Boxing Gym stresses books before boxing,” Josh said. “Study hard and get rewarded with boxing. It’s an incredible concept that’s making an impact. The students welcomed us with open arms.”

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