Leaders Quest Brings PwC to DBG

They stepped outside of their comfort zone when they stepped into the Downtown Boxing Gym and 15 employees of PwC, Xenith and William and Bonnie came away inspired. All of them took part in a Leaders Quest afternoon program at the gym on May 24 which included throwing punches, touring our classrooms and facilities, and talking one-on-one with our founder and CEO, Khali Sweeney.

“I’m really inspired, you’re an amazing mentor, and you guys are doing incredible things here,” one young leader told Khali.

Leaders Quest is a social enterprise that develops ‘wise, compassionate and adept leaders.’ The organization helps leaders increase their impact by connecting them with exceptional leaders doing great work around the world. This was the third time a Leaders Quest group visited the Downtown Boxing Gym.

“It’s clear from walking in here that the boxing gym prioritizes the success of young people as a mechanism to transform wider communities,” said Sayo Ayodele, a Director at Leaders Quest. “We think that’s amazing. The leadership behind this place and the personal connection they have with the young people makes it really special. We think people can learn  a lot from that. Plus, it’s really fun to try boxing for the first time!”

Khali’s story of personal transformation and his passion and drive for helping others, especially Detroit students, resonated with the group. They also loved seeing the program in action as students began arriving after school.

“I’m completely overwhelmed. I feel like I’ve been on the verge of tears for the last 30-minutes,” said PwC employee Natalie Teear. “Seeing the kids here and seeing it all come to life, how one human being can completely change the world – it’s amazing.”